March 3rd

pot.jpgI have decided to try and cook a meal with more than three ingredients in it. I don’t own a recipe book, so I have taken a recipe from the back of a box of Rainy Day Super Salt. It’s for a Rainy Day Super Salt Enchilada Casserole. I don’t know what casseroles or enchiladas are, but it requires that I use Rainy Day Super Salt in the recipe. It’s my understanding that all salt is fairly identical regardless of manufacturer, but the box is very insistent that I use Rainy Day Super Salt, so I will, to be on the safe side.

There are fourteen ingredients in the recipe, and it requires a selection of kitchen equipment. I currently own a limited quantity of kitchen equipment. My implements consist of an oven, two bowls, a cooking pot, a plate with a picture of the Swedish Royal family on it, several forks, a knife, and twenty-three-teaspoons. I also own a cup.

The recipe requires that I purchase a ‘skillet’. This sounds like something one would use to remove facial blemishes, but perhaps someone at the grocery store will know where to find one and also how to use it.

I have purchased bagels to eat at work. It is my understanding that I will save a great deal of money purchasing my own bagels rather than buying those from Bangin’ Bagels which is located on the ground floor of the office building. I will be sure to label my bagels in a prominent fashion to prevent anyone from accidentally stealing my baked goods, otherwise it will cut heavily into my cost savings per bagel.

I like bagels because they have a hole in the middle of them. I find this pleasing for some reason.

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