The Normal Life I Have (henceforth to be known as TNLIH, pronounced roughly ‘teh-nell-ih-huh’ so hopefully it turns into a meme) is a literary experiment to see if I can write comedy. A-ha-ha.

I don’t know about funny things. They sort of just happen and I admire and respect anyone who can corral them onto a page and make them work as well as they would in real life. So instead I decided to write about some of the most pervasively mundane aspects of my life and hope that just like my childhood diaries and my most treasured memories, they ended up being hilarious. Modesty keeps me from commenting on the success of this experiment, but lets just say that a book is in the works and Universal and Miramax are competing for the movie rights.

That last part is a total lie. I apologize.

So, the blog. Think; ‘Adrian Mole‘ or ‘Peep Show‘. Think; boredom, apathy and a solid and unshakeable resistance to change. Think; focusing on the banal until it becomes hugely important. Think; those pointless little victories that make up the majority of fabric of life, but everyone is too embarrassed to admit that they take pride in them. Think; an instinct of denial so strong, that repression isn’t just an issue, it’s a way of life.

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