Nov 14th

saxaphoneDue to an error with the PA system, quiet but noticeable light jazz played throughout the office building for the entirety of the day. I hope it is resolved by tomorrow as I do not like light jazz, a fact I was unaware of until I had listened to it for eight consecutive hours.

I have been watching a lot of documentaries lately on a popular video website called MeeToob. I watched one about The Economy. It was a very serious documentary about quotas and rising prices and it made a lot of broad statements about China and Chinese people.

However, as a consequence, it occurred to me today that I do not know what Shankles & Associates, the place I have worked at for over a decade, actually does. I know what I do. I work in I.T.. Prior to this I was a clerk.

It is my understanding that the clerk position came about as a result of a new government mandate that stipulated that all pieces of paper we produced were to be time-stamped, printed out, placed in a particular order, stapled together using one Grade 4 staple and stored in a labelled box. That was the entirety of my job at the time. I did this job for almost 10 years. I do not know what the purpose of this task was.

I asked several members of my colleagues what it is we do. Nobody seemed to know. Gary, the maintenance and janitorial supervisor, muttered something about ‘accounts’ and walked away with his broom.

The PA/light jazz issue had not been resolved by the end of the day. I also received an email from Tony, my supervisor, to “cease disturbing staff members with questions as to our corporate mission”.

I still do not know what this company does.

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