February 15th

877434I finally got up on time this morning to make the omelet I had planned. I prepared some tea and had the toast on a little plate, and I made the omelet and sat in the sunlight and ate it. It was nice.

I saw Jake on the train today. Jake is a homeless guy who claims the world is going to end any day now. He keeps a regular schedule and doesn’t smell too bad. He has a hat on that says ‘Judgment Day’ and he appears to make his own clothes. I don’t what his real name is, but I call him Jake. He said hello to me when I got on the train and then he went to sleep. After a few stops he woke and started talking really loudly. I tried hard to focus on the crossword. Four letters for ‘long’ beginning ‘A’ something ‘H’, ‘E’. He started saying that the “earth gone get mad when you done buried yo dreams.”

I can’t argue with him. The city got mad when I buried my pet dog. They made me dig him up and put him in a 3mil trashbag. After three weeks. I had to mark it and leave it by the side of the road. I got a fine for $75. I think it was the neighbor who reported me.

I have stomach ache now. I think the milk I used in the omelet was off.

The answer is ACHE.

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