February 11th

dirty-laundryI was doing laundry. I didn’t have enough quarters for the drying cycle, so I put all the damp clothes in a sack and walked home. Just outside my apartment, I fell into a pothole and got all the clothes dirty again, meaning I had to go back to the Laundromat. Once I got there I checked my pockets and only had enough quarters for the wash cycle. Afterwards I went home and the same thing happened. This repeated over and over until I realized I was dreaming and woke up.

I again did not manage to wake up in time to make breakfast. Checked eggs, they still look okay. I’m not sure what an egg looks like when it is not okay, but I felt it was important to check anyway.

I have to do a time log again for work as I was informed it ‘wasn’t detailed enough’ even after I submitted twenty-two pages of notes. During the meeting I accidentally snapped my ballpoint pen and it leaked inside my pocket. I don’t know how this happened.

A new type of paperclips came in. They have little stippled bits on them to make them stick to the documents better. I don’t know which kind I prefer better, the new ones or the old ones. I’ll try both, I want to give the new ones a chance.

There was a fingernail in my muffin today.

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