February 17th

granolaOn the train into work today, a lady smiled at me. I smiled back. Another person, a young man, gave me a strange look, but I thought that might have been related to the large metal spike he had sticking through his bottom lip, which I can’t imagine to be comfortable. But then I had a staff meeting this morning and people were looking at me strangely too. I have recently changed my brand of face moisturizer and it does guarantee fewer wrinkles. Perhaps that is what it is.

Last night I found an onion in the cupboard that had sprouted and had leaves on it. I don’t know how this got there, as I have never purchased onions.

After testing, I have decided that the paperclips with the sticky-out bits are far superior to the old ones, however I will continue to use the old ones until they run out, as not to be wasteful. The requisition form for new stationary is long and detailed and I am busy in work.

I’ve just got back from the bathroom. There was a large piece of granola stuck in my hair. That would explain the strange looks.

I did not eat granola today.

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