February 10th

stockholder-clipart-glass-waterI did not manage to get up for eggs and toast this morning. My phone is my alarm clock and if is left open it buzzes but doesn’t ring, so I was almost late. I woke up at 8:21 anyway. I think I have a body clock to get me up for work. I considered this. I drank a glass of water.

I have decided to swap around brushing my teeth and then drinking water. This is because if I brush my teeth first, the water tastes like acid. I hope this new idea will help.

Last night, my friend told me that he couldn’t be my friend anymore because he ‘has too many, and can’t keep in touch.’ He did this over text. We had a weekend planned. I went to bed straight after, but couldn’t sleep because of the landlady’s television. She goes to sleep and leaves it on at a very high volume. Someone was selling scrubbing brushes for 30 minutes. Am considering purchasing one.

They have a new form system in work to keep track of our activities. I wrote in it:

“09:17-09:19 – Got cup of coffee. Put creamer and sugar in. Spilled sugar. Cleaned it up. Time taken to clean: 3 minutes and 45 seconds.”

I wonder if I’ll have to put in three extra minutes at the end of the day to make up. I will speak to my supervisor about it.

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