February 9th

One-Dollar-BillsI did not wake up early enough this morning for my breakfast. I stubbed my toe really hard on the toilet. I think I might have sprained it.

I also forgot to shave the part around my adam’s apple, so it looks sort of like I have a collection of iron filings attached to my throat. Perhaps it was a subconscious desire to prevent the kind of bleeding I always get when I shave there, meaning people give me funny looks on the train.

Today I read in the newspaper that said some people did lap-dances for money for the earthquake victims of Haiti. I don’t know what I think about that, other than for some reason I’m picturing the recipients of such a dance wore serious expressions on their faces while it happened, like how people usually do when they give money to charity.

Yesterday I saw Dorothy in the corridor. She didn’t smile at me, but I waved at her. I think she noticed.

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