February 4th


My flash drive didn’t come today. I’ll check my email on my lunch. The connection is really slow at work. I keep getting crumbs in the keyboard. I wonder if that’s why.

I brought five teaspoons from the thift store. One of them has a burn mark on the bottom, so I think it might have been a heroin spoon at one point. I have found that if I squish the lumps of creamer against the side of the cup, they dissolve faster.

There are still some lumps.

I have decided against going bowling with people from work. I am not very good, and the beer is expensive. I don’t drink Lite beer for two reasons: one, it gives me gas and two, it concerns me that they don’t spell ‘light’ properly even though I measured the label and there is clearly room to spell it out in full. But mostly it’s because it makes me gassy.

Dorothy might be going though. I don’t think she drinks Lite beer. I’m not sure.

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