February 3rd

bar-of-white-soapToday I considered death. I tried not to think about it too much, and I made myself an extra strong cup of coffee. That was nice.

My flash drive should arrive tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t get stolen off the porch like my last order, which was a single bar of soap.

I can’t prove it was stolen. Rainforest.com said they delivered it. My neighbor might have it. I’ve been trying to catch them smelling of patchouli, but they leave at 8:35 and I leave at 8:38. Maybe I’ll get up earlier. If they do smell of patchouli, I’m not certain how I’ll confront them, given the possibility that they too may have purchased a similar bar of soap. I might have to involve the police.

The creamer didn’t dissolve properly in my coffee again. I think I’ll bring a teaspoon in tomorrow and stir it properly, otherwise it just turns into nasty lumps in the bottom of the cup.

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