February 8th

PlungerI had a nice weekend. I managed to unclog the drain using a series of paperclips and a plunger. The plunger snapped though, so I will have to purchase a new one. I extracted quite a collection of hair from the pipe, along with a screw from the towel rack that I thought I had lost during installation last year, forcing me to buy another towel rack.

The landlady came to the door on Sunday and asked me to keep the music down. This provides a problem as I don’t play music. However her TV is very loud. She insisted that if I don’t keep the music down I might have to find a new place to live. I tried informing her that I don’t own a stereo, but then she began complaining that yesterday someone had stolen her newspaper. This is strange because since I began a subscription to the Tribune eight months ago, yesterday is the first day I received a copy. I wonder if there is some connection.

I have purchased eggs and bread and milk and I intend on waking up early and making an omelet before I go to work. I didn’t get out of bed early enough today, but I will try again tomorrow.

My flash drive has not yet arrived.

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