November 27th


Sometimes I have to make difficult and important decisions.

Today I decided to remain with the paperclip of standard size and design. The ones with little gripper lines are not only prone to breaking, but are also quite dangerous too and snap into tiny pieces. This happened to me during a filing related accident and a fragment of paperclip became lodged in my palm. I was not able to remove the fragment and eventually my skin healed over it.

I wondered if this meant I wouldn’t be able to pass through a metal detector at an airport, but then considered the likelihood of me flying in an airplane, and I concluded my concern was unnecessary.

I tried explaining the reasoning of my paperclip decision to my colleagues. After I had finished talking, Bob looked at me for a long time, blinked a few times and then slowly turned back to his screen. I feel he understands the gravity of my decision.

I’m not sure how I feel about Bob’s coffee, it doesn’t wake me up, in fact, quite the opposite. Today I watched the second-hand on my watch for thirty five minutes until someone asked me if I was okay, and I said that actually, yes, I was, and I meant it. I may have smiled, but I can’t be certain.

I felt quite relaxed today, which is unusual. I considered walking a different way home. I didn’t actually do it, but I thought about it.

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