February 19th

fly_012I made some coffee this morning from the machine and then only drank half of it. The rest went cold. I went to drink it this afternoon and realized, with considerable excitement, that effectively, I could enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the morning, and a frappucino in the afternoon. I tried to tell my co-worker Barbara and she gave me a funny look. I think this is quite something. I will save so much money in summer.

After a while, I found myself thinking about death. That’s twice in two weeks.

I saw a fly buzzing around earlier. It sat on the edge of my pen. I didn’t want to kill it as I have run out of tissues and won’t be able to clean up the remains.

I am one of the few employees in this building to have a window. It is something I enjoy. On the rooftop of the building opposite, every Friday, someone walks about tinkers with the air conditioning. I call him Bob. I don’t know what his real name is as I can’t read his name tag from here, but he looks like he knows what he’s doing.

I can also see a piece of yellow plastic ribbon tied to the fire-escape railing. It flaps in the wind. I wish Bob would get rid of it as it is very distracting. The constant movement makes my eyes continually focus on it and it gives me headaches.

I didn’t drink the rest of the coffee. The fly drowned it. It was floating with it’s feet in the air. I stared at it for a long time.

Perhaps it had kids.

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