February 22nd

Today I woke up on time to make tea, and found the milk had gone off again. I had written the date of the milk in wipeable marker on the outside of the fridge, but had swapped around the date and month. I do not know why I thought there was nineteen months in the year.

The dry-wiper is not a dry wipe marker; it is permanent. I don’t know how I will explain this to the landlady. I tried to wipe it off with some nail varnish remover I had sitting in the cabinet, left by the previous tenants. This has caused the front of the fridge to turn into a pink color and appears to have melted the plastic slightly. I covered it up with a fridge magnet. It doesn’t cover it completely, but it does list the days the garbage truck collects in this area. I had always thought that the trash was collected on Thursday.

Lots of people in the office appeared to very stressed today.

On Mondays I receive the weekly batch of coffee from the office supply store. It is my duty to procure coffee. I didn’t realize that in the six months I have been responsible for this, I had been using the wrong product code and I had been requesting decaffeinated coffee. Nobody had noticed. I rectified the mistake and we received the correct type today.

I haven’t told anyone about this mistake yet.

Someone damaged a computer monitor by stabbing it with a ball point pen. Three people were fired from the company.

I had a bagel for breakfast.

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