January 6th

1-1216221458n7mgI have not written on my blog for some time. This is because my computer was stolen in September.

Having decided to expand my social calendar, I had booked a table at a Siren Coffee around the corner from my house. The lady on the phone had been confused at my request and told me that there would probably be a table spare and that I didn’t need to make a reservation. I insisted, explaining that you can never be sure. Twenty-three¬†days later I went to Siren Coffee¬†and was told that they had no record of such a reservation. I found this alarming, but there was a table free and I sat down.

Having opened my laptop and ordered my coffee, I realized that I needed the bathroom. I asked the gentleman to my left if he would watch my belongings. He agreed, but when I came back, my laptop was gone. I asked the gentleman if had seen who had taken it, and he shrugged and said no.

I have now purchased a new laptop. It has a ‘webcam’ on it. The salesman told me it would allow me to ‘Skip’ or ‘Skrype’ or something like that. I kept nodding at the time, but in truth I have no idea what he was talking about. The webcam may come in handy when I wish to take a photograph of myself. This I’m sure is a one-off thing, after all, my bathroom has a mirror in which I can view my features at any time, but still, there is always the possibility that the mirror might break.