February 12th

My cold has subsided somewhat and I can hear when people talk to me.

I’m actually only assuming that I could hear them. I don’t know for sure as I have not talked to anyone in six days.

Because I was fired from my job I now have a lot of time. When I thought about this I had to lie down for two hours. After that I decided to dust all the surfaces in the house. That took one hundred and twenty seven minutes. Following that I tidied up my email.

I realized I had something in my email account called a ‘spam folder’. I do not know what a ‘spam folder’ is for, but I saw that it had caused me to miss a one or two emails as they were routed into this folder where I don’t see them.

I think it is because they have [SPAM] in the title, which might be causing the issue. I read one of the emails. The email was pleasant, if a little poorly spelled, and reminded me to complete my subscription to an ‘Adult Dating Service’. I am also unsure of why it is an ‘adult’ service. Perhaps it includes some vulgar language or occasionally takes drugs. At any rate, I don’t remember signing up for this service, however it is possible I forgot. 

Additionally, I also don’t have need of something to remind me what date it is, as my computer tells me. I will keep it in mind for future reference however.

I replied to the email to inform them that they might want to rephrase the subject line to ensure it is received correctly in future. I checked my email today and I have not received a response.

Since sending my reply, I have however received a lot more emails today on a variety of subjects. At my last review I had received 1,247 in the past hour. These emails included an offer for low cost penis enlargement, and another that had the title ‘DEAR BELOVD FRAND’ and was reminding me that I had yet to claim an unspecified amount of money from someone in Serbia. I don’t have any friends, and I don’t know where Serbia is, so this is confusing to me. I looked up Serbia on the internet and it is next to Romania.

I also found out that Serbia is the worlds largest exporter of raspberries.

Due to the large influx of emails, my inbox has reached capacity. I wish there was a folder to put these emails in.

I’ve never eaten a raspberry.

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