January 27th

cautionI currently have a head cold. It feels and sounds like there is a jet engine inside my head whenever I sneeze, which is a lot of times. I have not missed any work, but when I sneeze at work,  my colleague Fred stares at me for a long time which makes me uncomfortable.

Last week when I was replacing a keyboard for a lady in the office as part of my IT duties, I accidentally sneezed on the new one. The lady requested another keyboard. I accidentally sneezed on that one a little too. I acquired another one. During the installation of the replacement of the replacement of the replacement, she became annoyed, said something rude and snatched the box from me. She then insisted on trying to install it herself. I noticed she was trying to plug the USB cable into a wall power outlet. I tried to help, but she said another rude word, so I walked away. I hope she was able to resolve the problem.

My appetite is also somewhat diminished. I have eaten only three apples and two sandwiches in four days.

It snowed heavily again yesterday.

I notice that some of the taller buildings in the city have signs outside that say ”Caution – Falling Ice’.

I appreciate the signs, but I find them confusing. The signs seem to stress the importance of being cautious around potential aerial ice threats. However, it occurred to me that if someone spends their time walking around avoiding ice by constantly looking up, it is likely they would walk into other people, or worse, wander into traffic.

However, ignoring that there is a possibility of being killed by ice would also seem irresponsible on the part of the building owners, given that it is their buildings that the ice will fall off. Yet, proving where the ice came from could be tricky as any evidence will likely melt.

In any event, it seems unlikely that anyone can really be both cautious and still get out of the way fast enough. If I was to spend a lot of time looking into the sky for falling ice, I risk being fatally struck in the face by a chunk of high-velocity frozen water. I think the top of my skull would stand a better chance against impacts.

Upon consideration I have decided I would rather not know if I was about to be killed. I think the stress of having only a few milliseconds to contemplate how my life had progressed up to this point might detract from the seriousness of the situation.

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