January 2nd

snow shovelI still have not been terminated from my job.

This is good news. To make up for my lateness caused by the exploding light-bulb I have been arriving 90 minutes early. The Shankles and Associates office doesn’t open until 9am. Due to company policy, entering the building before your designated start time is technically trespassing, so I have been waiting outside. It is quite cold. I could feel my nose hairs freezing. However, I haven’t been late once this week. It is a little boring though. Next week I might consider bringing a book.

Last night it snowed. My goal this year is to slip on patches of ice as few times as possible, to try and reduce the chance of injury. I hope to reduce the number of falls from the twenty-three times I fell over last year.

I tried to sweep the snow from the sidewalk outside my building as my landlady no longer leaves the house. I don’t own a snow shovel, and I tried knocking on her door to see if she was in possession of one. After ten minutes of knocking she yelled from inside “You’re not going to get me, you low-down-” and then said a series of curse words. She believes the postman is trying to kill her and steal her spice rack. She is very old.

I attempted to sweep the sidewalk and path using my small floor broom, but to little effect. I don’t have road salt, so I used my large container of Rainy Day Super table salt but that did not seem to work either. I will have to invest in more suitable snow-clearing equipment.

After I had finished I noticed I could no longer feel my face due to the cold. I instinctively tried to touch it to make sure it was still there, and poked myself in the eye with the sharp pouring spout of the Rainy Day table salt container. Consequently my right eye is watering again.

I also slipped on a patch of ice and bruised my behind. Overall I am glad that I did not need medical attention due to either the metal pouring spout going in my eye, or the gravity/ice related incident.

I think I am getting a cold. My lungs are making a strange rattling noise when I breathe.

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