November 21st

spice rack
A spice rack.

On Friday, the new light-bulb in my hallway exploded. I didn’t know an LED bulb could do that, but it scattered small pieces of glass all over the floor directly around my person, as the light-bulb was directly above me as I switched it on. While I am glad I was not hurt, I did have to carefully pick up the glass in order to leave the hallway, as I had no shoes on. It took a considerable amount of time as all the shards were about the size of a grain of rice.

Consequently I was late to work.

I wonder if it’s because the wiring in the building is over 70 years old. The landlady does not attribute the consistent fizzing sound coming from all the power outlets to be a result of this, but because of evil spirits. She is very old and believes that the postman is trying to kill her and steal her spice-rack. That being said, I will try to speak to her again. She is quite deaf so I will have to talk quite loudly.

As per corporate procedure I sent an email to work to alert them of my delay, but by the time I had been able to move beyond the radius of the glass shards in order to send the email, I was already late.

When I arrived, Tony, my supervisor, told me I was being written up because I didn’t inform him earlier. I tried explaining that I couldn’t reach my phone without severely lacerating my bare feet as the LED bulb had exploded around me. He stared at me for a moment, then said that it wasn’t his problem and if I was written up again I might lose my job.

As I was leaving, he said he hoped I could come up with “less creative excuses next time,” and that “he expected me to be punctual at all times.”

I hope I don’t get written up again.

After four hours of consideration that evening, it occurred to me that perhaps Tony may have thought I was being dishonest about my lateness. This is extremely disheartening.

I need to buy more toilet roll.


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