June 15th

take-a-number-counter-top-kitToday I took another look at the recipe for Enchilada Casserole using the recipe on the back of the Rainy Day Super Salt box.  I have no idea what a ‘tbsp’ is. Usually words without vowels in them are either acronyms or German.

I bought the beef this week however in preparation. I don’t believe I have ever eaten meat that didn’t come out of a cardboard box and was heavily wrapped in plastic. I went to the meat counter at the grocery store and was told I needed to take a ticket. I took several just in case, which I feel will increase the chance of my number being called, like a lottery ticket. When my number was called, a large man in a stained white coat with a flat lumpy nose asked me what I wanted. I asked if they had beef from any cows that lie down a lot. He did not understand my request. After about five minutes of explaining, including a trip to the spice aisle to acquire another box of Rainy Day Super Salt so I could show him the recipe, I was informed that ‘ground beef’ simply means beef that has been violently disintegrated.

The man with the lumpy nose said a word that I didn’t recognize as I walked away from the counter. I think it was rude, but he almost might have been from another country.

I accidentally purchased the box of salt with the beef. I forgot I already had some. I now have two large boxes of salt. The first box has lasted me 12 years. I considered what I might be doing  in 12 years when I finally consume the last of the salt I currently have. Hopefully nothing different.

I bought a lottery ticket once. It’s still on my mantelpiece behind a plastic jug that used to contain flowers. I get light-headed when I think about scratching off the ticket. I purchased it 15 years ago, so I’m sure it’s still valid.

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