July 13th

fruit cupsToday I went to the grocery store to purchase Happy-Dappy Orchard Farms Super Fruit-Cups. I found that they no longer have any. My eyesight went gray around the edges and I had to sit down. I only have enough fruit cups for another three months, during which time I will have to locate an alternate supplier.

I purchased 14 cans of spam and some bread, for Kenneth, my goldfish. He eats a great deal of it and it is becoming expensive. He hasn’t grown in size though. Perhaps he is stock-piling it somewhere in his bowl. I understand and respect this method, in case of potential shortages.

Grocery stores are confusing. I read somewhere that a study of the heart-rates of shoppers in grocery stores was measured to find out how to make them less stressed, and it found that in fact people entered a state only a little bit more conscious than that of being under hypnosis. This is not the case for me. During my time in a grocery store I feel like I am being compressed in something made of linoleum, carbohydrates, primary colors and jazz music.

Leaving the grocery store without the fruit-cups was a little trying. I find this kind of change really quite challenging but I am confident that the lack of fruit-cups at this location does not in any way, for any reason, reflect a Happy-Dappy Orchard Farms Super Fruit Cups shortage of global proportions.

I will check again in a few days.

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