January 26th

tennis ballI really miss drinking Bob’s coffee.

I have a tension headache that feels like someone has inserted a tennis ball inside my head between my brain and my skull. I have taken twelve pain relievers so far and nothing has helped.

I am having difficulty remembering things. I got on the wrong bus today, twice, and forgot my lunch.

I have no idea what could be causing the headache. Perhaps I have a tumor. My Great Aunt Clementine had a tumor in her elbow. At least she said she did. Every time I asked her, the tumor had changed places. There was always something wrong with Great Aunt Clementine. She lived to be 94 and died in her sleep. When I was ten, my Great Uncle Pete explained to me that Great Aunt Clementine was just fine. However,┬ábecause she had always snored, as he described, like ‘a mating rhinoceros‘ and kept him awake, he had gotten her back by constantly telling her for 40 years that she was probably ‘coming down with something’ and ‘looked a little off’, so much so, that she believed him and was a hypochondriac.

Great Uncle Pete was not a nice man.

He died of a tumor.

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