January 6th

h285322I miss Bob since he was fired. We barely ever talked and I don’t remember his last name, but I feel we were close.

The coffee he brought is almost gone. We have a small coffee maker in the office where we all work, and someone had a cup whilst waiting for a new keyboard. When they sipped it, they made a scrunchy face and put it down. I guess I’ve developed a taste for it.

I feel very relaxed today. I decided to enroll in a book club around the corner from where I live. I haven’t read a book since ‘The Rise of Domestic Lawn Care Equipment in 1937,’ which although interesting, is very heavy and hurts my legs when I read it.

A person in our office needed a new keyboard because she had used it to prop a door open. It succeeded in this task, but is now no longer functional as a keyboard, having lost most of the keys. I asked her what she had been using in the interim to work. She replied, “Nothing, really.” She’s been without a keyboard for six weeks.

Nobody appears to have questioned this.

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