November 15th

Work is going well. I have moved to the office next to the one I was in before as part of my new job in I.T.. I like this one because there are no windows. It appears the window was bricked up following a suicide in the department two weeks before I started. I don’t like being near windows these days. It makes me look at the outside world during work hours. When I think about the outside world at any point, I start to get a heat rash. I don’t know why this is.

Today I received a call from a user. They said that the computer was broken and that “I can’t do nothing”. I pointed out that she had used a double-negative and her statement implied that in fact, she could do something. She said something rude.

She stated that the computer was completely frozen and she couldn’t get anywhere. I asked her whether she could move the mouse. She said yes. I pointed out that it wasn’t completely frozen then. She sighed. I asked her what was the issue. She said nothing worked. I asked her if her email worked. She said yes. I asked her if she could get on the internet. She said yes. I stated that the machine was not in fact frozen, that she could use all of her programs. I again asked her what the issue was. She said she couldn’t open an email. I checked and the email opened immediately.

She hung up on me.

I’m thinking of switching to chicken soup. The last can of mushroom soup I opened actually had a sizable mushroom in it, and I don’t think that’s normal.

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