March 22nd

I went to work today and sat down at my desk. I opened my bag, took out my pen and my T7819 luminous yellow highlighter, my stainless steel measuring rule, and my plastic coffee cup. I also removed my breakfast from my bag, consisting of an apple, a granola bar, and a small apricot fruit cup. I watered Jimmy Kitchen, my spider plant, and then walked to the cooler to refill the water bottle (I don’t know if plants like distilled water, but I do it anyway. Someone told me that they don’t actually distill the water at all, and it’s just city water, and that it has so much chlorine in it that it will give you kidney failure. I have to drink water, or at least I’ve been told to, so I’m not sure how I should take this information).

When I returned to my desk, I turned to my left, opened up my drawer and took out this morning’s work. On my left I opened the drawer that holds my stationary and removed fourteen small paperclips, which will be utilized to bind the fourteen files I will process today. If I do fifteen I will take out another paperclip, but that is unlikely. Some time ago I completed sixteen files, but I had also taken a short lunch, which explains the increase in productivity.

After retrieving my file summary report from the printer and affixing it to the document viewer next to my monitor, I switched on the computer and brought up the S-400 I-prod file-tracking software, which promptly crashed as soon as I started typing the password. After several restarts it began functioning normally, and I began to type in the name of the first file.

At this point my phone rang and I was summoned to my supervisors office, who informed me that I had booked this week off three months ago as vacation time, and that I should leave immediately.

I asked her what I had taken the time off for, and she told me that she couldn’t remember. For some reason I could feel a pulse point in my elbow. I asked her if I could stay in work anyway. My supervisor said no, that it was in direct contravention of company policy to work on days I was not supposed to, and that I had to leave immediately, as my security clearance was revoked for planned periods of vacations, and at this point I was in fact trespassing on company property.

I put everything back in my bag and left. I walked to Onyxfeld Lake and sat on a bench facing the water, and ate my fruit cup and granola bar.

This changes everything. I do not know why I would book vacation time. I have absolutely no idea what to do now.

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