March 19th

I was sitting at my table watching Kenneth today, eating my sandwich, and for the first time in days he moved, swimming up to the edge of the bowl and just floating there, seeming to watch me. He looked very weak and pale. I tore a piece of my bread off and dropped into the tank. I supposed it was worth trying anything at this point. To my surprise he ate it.

I think when I dropped some of my sandwich in the bowl last week, he developed a taste for it. I fed him a little more bread and spam and he ate it in a few bites. I don’t think the book says anything about this, but it doesn’t say I can’t either. He appears much happier now and is exploring the small tunnel I bought for his bowl. I threw away the small canister of fish-flakes.

After work I went to the coffee shop, down the road from the office, and sat for a while, looking out of the window. The world seems full of people who know where they are going and what they are doing. They seem so purposeful. All different types of clothing, and faces. I wonder if they had any idea I was watching them.

One man in dirty clothing was going through a trashcan while a lady in a leather coat walked by, talking on her cell phone. They stopped and looked at each other for a moment. They both looked like they hated each other in the same way.

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