March 17th

I purchased a small ornament for Kenneth’s bowl. I hope he likes it. It’s a small wooden-style tunnel that has a little porthole so he can peep out and look at me. He hasn’t moved anywhere near to it yet, he just sits on the bottom of the tank. Maybe the tunnel thing will cheer him up. I hope so.

I went to the Personal Finances seminar. I was asked to set the chairs up beforehand, and I did, but I made a point of mentioning that the power cord to the projector was laid over a section of carpet where people would probably walk and might trip. The lady running the seminar was the HR coordinator, Mrs Flagrouche and she told me not to worry, no-one would trip over it.

I tripped over it. Just before the presentation started, I was bringing my toasted colby and Spam sandwich in from the kitchen area, and I didn’t see the cord. Unfortunately it pulled the projector off the table and broke the plastic casing. Dorothy was in the same presentation, so I was really embarrassed. I think Mrs Flagrouche thinks I did it on purpose. I might have to pay for the damage. With the cost of the gas bill this will mean I will be extremely short on funds.

I need to buy toilet roll.

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