March 11th

Kenneth has stopped eating. I dropped food flakes in his bowl last night, and he sort of looked at them and swam away. I’m not sure why this is. I admit, the food does not look appetizing, but this is what the book says he should eat. He did the same thing this morning. Perhaps he is depressed. I will buy him an ornament.

My oatmeal wasn’t right again this morning. If I leave it in the microwave too long, it takes on the consistency of concrete, and is really difficult to scrub it out of the cup I make it in. Too little time and it looks like milk with bits in. It’s a nice cup though, with a lid. I use it to make beans and oatmeal and chili. Not together.

I need to buy more toilet roll. I don’t know how I get through it so quickly, I only bought some two days ago, a six-pack.

Today I saw a dead bird, on my lunch break. It was lying by a big window on a street corner, with brown feathers and blood coming out of its mouth, staining the sidewalk. I considered moving it, but so many people were walking past, I didn’t want to get in the way. While I watched someone kicked it by accident.

I think it may have flown into a window and broken its neck.

After that I saw a billboard with a green logo that said: “Get more LAUGHS out of LIFE with the COMEDY CHANNEL!” After I saw the billboard I had to sit down for a while. There was eight exclamation marks after it. I have included only one exclamation mark here, as I got a headache when I saw the billboard and I don’t want to get another one now I’m writing about it.

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