March 9th

I don’t like Tuesdays. It’s a nothing day.

Monday: Beginning of the week. Not a good time.
Wednesday: Middle of the week. Halfway home. Trash day.
Thursday: Day before Friday. Its proximity to Friday makes it interesting.
Friday: It’s Friday. End of the week.
Saturday: I have a sense of hope on Saturdays. I also clean my house.
Sunday: Day before Monday. I define it by how close it is to Mondays. It’s not a good day, but at least it stands for something.

Tuesday serves no purpose. It can’t simply be ‘the day after the worst day of the week’, and ‘the day before the middle’ sounds bad too. It lacks identity.

I gave this a lot of thought whilst I was in the bathroom at work. They have changed the brand of toilet paper. It’s pink and is only one sheet thick. I have to bunch up a lot of it together to make it do the same thing.

They also watered down the soap in the dispensers.

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