March 1st

I helped my neighbor move house over the weekend. She didn’t so much ask, as knock on the door and demand that I assist her in moving a couch.
I said I’d be glad to help.
I went upstairs and I did my best to move it, which was considerably difficult. She didn’t really help, she just sort of instructed me in raised tones and told me not to chip the paint work on the walls. I managed to get the couch to the bottom of the six flights of stairs and into the truck.

When I had finished, she told me to wait while she got me something for my hard work. I informed her it was unnecessary, I was happy to help, but she insisted. I reminded her that, really, it was okay, and thank you, but I certainly wouldn’t be rude and turn down some method of compensation for my time.

She returned with a glass of water.

I don’t know how it fell out of my hand, or how it shattered on the floor. She was mad at me, but I assured her I would replace the glass, and I wrote down her forwarding address to send it to her.

Perhaps I can repair it. I hear super-glue is quite good these days. They have some for a dollar at the grocery store. They also have some toilet roll there too, as I am almost out. I could probably make the toilet roll stretch for a couple of days. Some time ago I had a roll that lasted for two weeks. I’ve noticed that if I’m careful when I extract the first few sheets, I won’t waste so much.

I’m thinking of buying a pet.

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